Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Top 10 Favorite Things to Wear

I have been so anticipating the imminent arrival of fall, that I have been going through my wardrobe in hopes that by staring at jeans and long sleeved things long enough, I might WILL it cold enough to wear them. Although it's not hot as the blazes anymore, it is far from COLD and I fear a few weeks at least remain before I can put on (and keep on) a pair of jeans all day. But it prompted me to write a post about my favorite things to wear. What are yours?

1. A recently acquired pair of wide-leg jean capris from Banana Republic:

2. A cross-front white yoga shirt with short sleeves

3. A medium earthy green Old Navy zip up sweatshirt, about 6 years old, tattered and holey

4. A new pair of brown cowboy boots! Rock!

5. A beautiful new pair of black Bandolinos, strappy and pointy toed and even comfortable.

6. My Simple Black Dress - open back, A-line

7. A cut-off pair of low-waisted black yoga pants

8. My red with wild white and green and blue and orange flowers capri pajama bottoms from Target (with whatever white tank top I can find)

9. A batik wrap-around skirt I got in Colorado this summer

10. A charcoal gray nubbly, chunky shrug sweater with big floppy wrists, which attaches in the center with a giant bronze safety pin

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