Monday, November 13, 2006

Seriously Weird Vegetation

Her Weirdness, Eunice:

My deck is the current residence for this peculiar cactus that my friend Shonna recommended I purchase from the nursery where she works.

I do not know her Latin plant name but in plant-people circles, Eunice is not well-liked. Evidently these flowers smell like rotting corpse. I cannot import a smell file for you to smell it, but I can confirm their odor is nasally offensive.

There are some damn strange plants out there on this planet.


Jonathon said...

I've never seen a plant like that -- that's amazing!! Does that GROW in your part of the world, or did you find it at a store?

Trasi said...

I bought it at Barton Springs nursery, but it sells only plants which are generally native in TX. So yeah, I think it can grow here. Not IN Austin, but in the area. You're from Austin though, right?