Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I love this child.


ToastedSuzy said...

Too sweet. She looks like another viking super-child, like my pal Kristin shows off over at Go, Go Bimbo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trasi. Just had to come over to your blog to see what you're doing. I'm lovin' it. Your daughter is darling and I especially like the 6-week photo. She was still in what we called the Larva Stage and looks so cute from that angle.

As for my quick change of clothes the other night for the rat event? It's all part of my effort to keep things fresh in a marriage that's been consumed by the 22 pound human living with us. Sometimes an unexpected costume change is just what the Doctor Ruth ordered.

Finally, I totally agree with your take on the 80's clothes. I posted a bit of my opinion last week and got a friend, no less, who has taken my assessment personally.:(

Anyway, I'll be checking in on you and yours.

Anonymous said...

And p.s.
I posted a response to your comment on my blog (from Sam, really but from my keyboard).