Friday, September 22, 2006


So, basically I have been awake this morning since about 3:30 a.m. Why would that be? Oh, let me see. Perhaps it was because I CAN'T FRIGGING BREATHE.
Aside... I have sinus issues. I know it makes me a whining, pitiful wanker to go on about physical ailments. But this is my blog, so I shall write about it.
So anyway, my child contracted whatever it was before our trip, and she's (for the most part) back to good health. Minor coughing remains, as a slow trickle of clear fluid eeps down her throat on its way out of her system. Me, however, I'm a bloody mess.
I think I have now achieved the highest level of congestion I have ever achieved in my lifetime. BOTH nostrils are so completely clogged, I cannot breathe even a mere whiff of air through either one of them. Unless, UNLESS I am STANDING UP. Then, one will open enough to actually breathe out of it. As you can well imagine, that doesn't make for some easy sleeping! Maybe in college, while on one of my various trips in Europe by train, I could have slept standing up. NOT SO, post-pregnancy, at age 36. Try as I might, I cannot sleep with my mouth open. It becomes incredibly dry, my tongue sticks to my teeth, my lips get crusty, and inexplicably my mouth falls shut. Just when it does this, my body realizes it now has absolutely no orifice through which to draw in oxygen, and it freaks the hell out. My eyes slam open as I gasp for air, and then I get up, trying to blow the sorry excuse that is my nose. I have gone through two boxes of Kleenex in a short 2 1/2 days, and my nose is red and raw. You'd think that since I can get some stuff out of my nose that the congestion would clear up? Ah, not so lucky am I. I have a complete pharmacy at my disposal (sans antibiotics, sadly) to deal with my congestion, but NONE of the options have even touched my congestion. Not Sudafed, not Tavist D, not Tylenol Sinus and Severe Congestion, not Allerest.... I am forbidden by my allergist from using Afrin any further, as I already abused the 3-day rule on how long I can spray it up my nose, and it doesn't last more than about 2 hours anymore anyway.
So, I have been upright, pacing, walking outside, drinking water, trying to use my neti pot to clear things out (unsuccessfully, as no liquid can make its way through my ridiculous nose at this juncture), reading my favorite blogs' archives, trying to go back to bed, only to be thrown back into the vicious cycle of trying fruitlessly to breathe.
I am actually going to the allergist today, I have had this appointment since about 10 days ago, when I was away. I thought at the time, "no way will I still be sick 10 days from now". Thank God I kept the appointment, as I am now sicker than I was 10 days ago. I'm at 2 1/2 weeks of constant sickness now, and I think I'll go in with my harekare knife poised and ready to shove into my belly if my doctor cannot give me SOMEthing to relieve this infernal sinus infection.
I am now done ranting about my physical ailments. Carry on.

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Jonathon said...

Alas, Trasi. Austin is totally lame for allergies. I always used to be a nasal, snotty mess wherever I lived.

Now I really know what allergy season looks like. Bleh.

Hope you feel better.