Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's a Book Thing

Well, I read an extremely literary-oriented post by Toasted Suzy this evening and she had this list of booky questions like one of those queer emails you get from people, where you list your answers to banal questions like chocolate or vanilla? What is in your CD player right now? Or, what is your favorite item of clothing? Except Suzy's questions were all very booky, and her answers were even bookier. Leading me to believe she's actually extremely brilliant and well-read. Which I am not. But I'm game for lists of any kind, usually.

So I will repeat the questions, and fill in some answers.

1. One book that changed my life...
An English/German dictionary. At age 14 we had a woman and her son from Berlin come spend a week with us in an exchange program. I decided to try and write letters to them in German, by buying an English/German dictionary. I communicated that way until I realized I really couldn't SPEAK German, I was just faking it. So I taught myself for a year, took German all through high school and college, eventually earning a degree in it, with minors in Russian and French, all because I realized I was really good at learning languages. I have traveled to Europe about 15 times and love it, as well as the study of language itself. Oh where would I be today if I had not done that? Well, I wouldn't be a doctor. The sight of blood makes me want to vomit.

2. One book I have read more than once.
Rarely do I read a book more than one time. I can watch a movie multiple times, but I am not a repeat book reader typically. A few exceptions exist though... One of which is Chocolat. SUCH a touching little story. Makes me want to go to France and find a darling little shopfront and open a chocolate store. Mmmmm. Darrrrkkkk chocolate......

3. One book I would want on a desert island...
Well, it depends on how long I was to be on that desert island. If I am going to be there for eternity, I want a damn long book. If it is just a weekend, I'm game for some homey mags (Real Simple, Country Home, Cottage Living) and a Sudoku puzzle book.

4. One book that made me laugh.
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. That is some FUNNY SHIT.

5. One book that made me cry.
OHMYGOD, that would be Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Hands DOWN. Heart wrenchingly sad, pitiful even. I was sobbing so hard I couldn't focus my eyes anymore. Gah.

6. One book I wish had been written.
I do not even know how to answer this question. If I felt like I had something to say that would make some money I'd write one. But I tend to be much more creative with paint or a pen full of India ink.

7. One book I wish had never been written.
I would have to say A Million Little Pieces by James Frey because I read it before all the hubbub about how he made the majority of it up, and I actually believed him, and fell for his MEMOIR (my ASS!), and thought how SUCK it was that Lily died 3 days before he got out of jail, and why couldn't she just hold on? AND THERE WAS NEVER ANY LILY! Any book that makes me feel like a stupid idiot should not have been written.

8. One book I am currently reading.
I am also in between books at the moment. I think the last book I read was maybe The Nanny Diaries and it was alright. Not ever to make my Best Of list, but it was okay. I am on the edge of reading something new soon though. Maybe some C. S. Lewis.

9. One book I have been meaning to read.
My mother in law cannot say enough good things about Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat. I also caught an interview of Tom Friedman on PBS recently, and the man seems to know his shit. I have been wanting to read something a bit more relevant and non-fictional.

10. Tag Five People.
I'm not a tagger. If you read my blog, which ought to be....oh.... maybe 3 whole people including me.... do the list on your site.


Suebob said...

I wouldn't have been so pissed about James Frey if he were a good writer. His style was pathetic but his story was great because it was true...NOT! grrrr

Trasi said...

Exactly. EXACTLY! The only thing gripping about it was that I thought it was so true, and how outlandish and sad and pitiful and touching, until I found out I had been had. Bastard!