Saturday, August 26, 2006

One in a zillion

So, I am about number 33316523 or something like this in Blogger's role-call of blogs. Ooooh, the warm fuzzy feeling is coming over me. What a close-knit group we all are! I felt much this way when I first began attending the University of Texas. Feeling like one in a zillion sure has a way of making a person feel insignificant. BUT, as I have recently discovered the fine art of blogging, and I was an OCD journal writer from age 12, I am compelled. COMPELLED, I tell you. And I am certain I will want to post pictures and thoughts and errata for my insanely adorable and brilliant child, Hootie. No, not her real name. Unless you ask her, and she'll tell you she's Hootie. She's actually Alexa. She is 3, going on 13.
Here is where she wrote her name:

So here I am, posting my first official blog post in the great big blogosphere. Hooray.


ToastedSuzy said...

You two are ADORABLE!!!!!


Trasi said...

You are very sweet. Thank you.